2020 Testimonials

My experience at the center far surpassed my expectations. It was fully supportive, full of evidence based highly effective programs and provided an amazing holistic education and healing environment with practical tools for living a life true to my self. My level of well-being is already beyond what I thought possible.

Anonymous – November 2020

Coming here was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. The “work” I did here, I thought I was done with, and discovered that there were layer of the same “stuff” that I needed to work through in-order to move toward being more of my authentic self. I feel that when I leave here I will be entering into an amazing adventitious new chapter of my life. Thank you , all, Chopra staff

Slisia, Canada – October 2020

If you are willing to put in the work it is an amazing experience! The food is amazing and the staff are wonderful and extremely supportive.

Christina, Canada – October 2020

I was a returning guest to the Center September of 2020. I, like many others felt the isolation of COVID-19 pandemic and relapsed returning to alcohol. After months of suffer and experiencing major health concerns, I knew to call Chopra for help. Three years prior, I struggled with the same problem and the holistic and educations approach at Chopra saved my life. As a returning guest, in was greeted with respect and no judgment. I fully absorbed the Chopra program and am very optimistic that with my commitment to continuing practice, I will achieve success.

Catherine A, Canada – September 2020

Coming to the Chopra Center was an easy decision for me. My family saw I was struggling and suggested I take time for myself and get some support. It was very scary arriving at the Center but from that moment on I knew I was in a safe, supportive place. During my stay, I learned so much more about my feelings and how to actually identify them. Learning how to cope in a healthy way with overwhelming feelings has been a big take away. Healthy eating, yoga, meditation, educational sessions and endless support has made my stay at the Chopra Center a life saver.

Anonymous – September 2020

I first came here with the intention to quit smoking and drinking to be healthier. The first day I was here I felt there was something else drawing me here but wasn’t sure what. Within the first week I discovered it was to set my boundaries for those around me… the second week I learned that I need to set my boundaries from and for myself to be able to ensure I didn’t cross my own boundaries! What a discovery!

Rob W., Canada – August 2020

I have never trusted the timing of my life like I do in this moment. Before making the decision to head to the Chopra my life had pulled a complete 180. I ended a 5.5yr relationship and cancelled a wedding. I was considering suicide and could not stay emotionally regulated for more than a few hours without a substance. Within in 2 weeks of being at the Chopra I was able to stop taking my anti-anxiety/ depressant meds. I laughed harder than I had in years with strangers who soon became great friends. The staff and other guests provided light in a very dark time. This place is a bit of magic. I think coming to the Chopra may be the best decision in life so far! This place has given me a sense of peace I never had.

Ashley W., Canada – August 2020

If you have made it to this page, you are half way to the most impactful decision you will ever make. When I arrived at Chopra, my desire to live was gone, I didn’t like myself and lashed out at anyone who tried to love me. Coming here changed my life, In am now in love with myself and actively repairing the damage that was done. At the center, you get the opportunity to fully reset your life; mind, body, and soul. I am leaving happier, healthier and sure of my path.

John, Canada – July 2020

Whether you have stumbled upon this place by accident or on purpose or even referred here, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! This place is truly magical, regardless of what your beliefs or skepticism may be. I have been to countless psychologists, read so many self hep books and spent way too much money on band-aid solutions. Nothing compares to this place!

Based on the mind and body connection, steeped in a blend of Eastern, Western and scientific medicine, I finally feel that I have the tools to love myself, to believe in my truths and to live in peace and happiness, which is the ultimate goal of humanity, right?

At the Chopra Center addiction is defined as any behavior or reliance on substances for soothing your self externally. I didn’t consider myself an addict of anything but soon learned that my workaholic behaviors still resulted in my vain attempt to numb my pain and shame, and worse still, negatively affected my loved ones too!

Words can not do justice describing the feelings of safety, compassion and healing I have found here, not to mention the life long friendship and connections I will cherish!

Virginie C., Canada – July 2020

My time at the Chopra Center far exceeded all expectations. This is truly a magical place. I finally feel like I’ve found myself. I don’t think I’ve ever really loved myself, but now I feel it. It’s frown more everyday there and will continue to grow. The center has beautiful grounds, with trees surrounding the property. All of the staff are the kindest most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. And our group for the past four weeks has been the same. This was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m finally excited for my life. I’m full of love, light and hope. Thanks everyone, love you all!

Lindsay W., Canada – July 2020

My time at Chopra was wonderful. The staff are all beautiful souls, and their approach to healing has changed me forever. I never realized how important it is to heal your body, not just your mind. Here I healed both and I’m leaving with a new look on life and myself. I’ve never experienced such genuine human connection and love. No words can describe how beautiful an emotional this experience has been. It truly is magical here, and I’ll treasure my time here always.

Ivy H., Canada – July 2020

I have done therapy for approximately 30 years, and nothing has been as transformational as my 6 weeks at Chopra. For the first time I was able to make the mind/body/spirit connection necessary for healing from trauma. I have truly come to love myself, and know for the first time what a regulated nervous system feels like. I am excited to go forward in life with my new tools and open heart.

Devon K., Canada – July 2020

The natural healing process introduced was s helpful to me. No caffeine and nicotine was a great help as I much needed that reset. I feel like my younger self again. Very stable minded able to deal with emotions on a clear head.

Marshall K., Canada – July 2020

My time at Chopra was unfortunately cut short due to COVID-19 but during my three week stay, I experienced so much growth, transition, and change. The staff are incredible, as is the program. If I have an opportunity to come back, I will absolutely will. Thank you Chopra for giving me my life back!!!

Teighan R., Canada – March 2020

The only place for me to align my body, mind, and soul. All the staff, therapist, and body healers are 5 star! Thanks!

Anonymous – March 2020

The Chopra Center makes recovery an exciting journey. Through education and yoga/meditation, the center does what others do not. It empowers and equips you for a lifelong journey of improving your quality of life. Personally, I loved it.

Tyler, Canada – March 2020

The Chopra Center and its team are one of a kind. They truly care about mental, physical, and emotional well being of their clients. Their support helped me break down my own emotional blocks and rebuild myself as a stronger, more considerate and spiritual person. Their affect on my life will reach outside the walls of the center and help guide me through whatever the future holds. I look forward to returning one day to see their smiling faces an happy hearts.

Anonymous – March 2020

I would recommend this program to anyone struggling. When I first got here, I was skeptical but my second week, I began to understand more of how I felt and felt10x better about myself. I truly believe that I now have the tools to start better life.

Anonymous – March 2020

The experience I had at the Chopra Center was healing on so many levels-it’s hard to say just how deeply impacted I was. For the first time in my life, I felt safe enough to explore my trauma and my addiction to opiates. The therapists and support staff were with me every step of the way, creating a therapeutic environment where I could open up and feel for the first time in ages. This center is magic, compassionate and unlike any other you will find in the world.

Jenn, Canada – February 2020

I am so grateful to have spent 4 weeks at the Center. All of the staff, from the housekeeping staff to the therapist, are phenomenal at creating a safe and supportive environment where one can heal from the past trauma and begin to grow into their true self.

Jennifer, Canada – February 2020

This experience has been incredibly life-changing for me. I came in with a very lost sense of self. I felt quite defeated. I had very little sense of internal or external safety and this prevented me from allowing myself to feel connected to my true, authentic self. I am leaving with a feeling of self. I feel confident in who I am and the gifts I have to offer to the world. My purpose feels clear. I feel safe to experience my emotions just as they are. I have redefined my vision of strength. I have grown to understand the gifts in all of our pain and feel that I am no longer defined by what’s happened in life but rather, I feel defined by who I am at my core. I feel honored to have had the chance to come to this place for healing as a way to reconnect with myself and all the support available. This is truly a special place.

Kim – February 2020

If you’re someone who is suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression and/or PTSD, then the Chopra Center is the place to heal. The therapists and support staff allowed me to realize that we are (humans); social, spiritual beings and that the social/spiritual aspect is incredibly important in recovery. Thank you everyone for creating a safe nurturing environment to heal.

Matthew, Canada – January 2020

As a recovering addict, there can be a lot of stigma when working with health professionals. Not once did I feel that here. A loving and supportive environment was provided for me to learn how to get back in touch with myself and I learned tools to help self-regulate without turning to substance. I really appreciated the whole body approach and feel it was key to my success.

Michelle, Canada – January 2020