Continuing Care is a valuable aspect of our program, offering support to guests as they return home and begin to incorporate the new tools, skills, and insights they have gained during their stay with us.

Guests often feel overwhelmed when they return home after treatment. Recognizing that healing is an ongoing process, we are uniquely attentive to Continuing Care.

After completion of a 28-day residential program, guests are eligible to utilize our aftercare therapy incentive program that provides partial funding for up to twelve weeks. This offer has been designed to support guests to begin therapy within seven days of leaving the Paradise Valley Healing Center and to attend weekly sessions with a therapist in their own community for 12 consecutive weeks. Examples of continuing care that can be arranged are individual sessions with a local therapist, group sessions, family sessions, and interactive internet support.

To reduce anxiety and for sustained successful change, we will also continue to follow up at regular three-month intervals for one year after the residential program, and then annually after the first year.

The journey of healing for someone with an alcohol or drug addiction takes time, energy, resources, and patience. The impacted individual often requires professional assistance on an ongoing basis to maintain abstinence. A strong community of friends and family is an essential element in ensuring that a steady support system remains present.