Develop deeper levels of awareness, and move towards more conscious choice-making, leading to a more integrated lifestyle.

Whether you wish to improve your health, heal a relationship, reduce stress, discover your purpose in life, or experience deeper peace, abundance, and joy, we have designed a unique, focused opportunity to help you liberate your body-mind-spirit from past issues to get you in touch with the joys and benefits of being free to be in the present.

Our 14-day immersion into body-mind-spirit integration allows guests to develop deeper levels of awareness, and move towards more conscious choice-making, leading to a more integrated lifestyle.

The program includes therapeutic work supporting you to go inward to identify your strengths and develop more nurturing, self-empowering behaviors and perspectives; meditation and yoga with focused support and safety; massage and acupuncture, art therapy, educational sessions and instruction in the timeless tools of Ayurveda.

During your stay, you will discover:

  • A deep sense of safety, support, peace, and freedom
  • How to release stress and learn practices to help you live a mindful and satisfying life
  • Your inner strengths and will experience letting go of constricting beliefs
  • Your unique talents and skills
  • Nurturing practices that support happiness, harmony, and love for yourself and others

Learn about each step

What does the 2-week Residential Program include?

  • A collaborative extensive bio-psychosocial and spiritual assessment
  • Medical history and consultation
  • Review of goals with your primary therapist
  • Two 50 minute individual therapy sessions weekly
  • Daily 90-minute group therapy sessions
  • Meditation and yoga sessions offered twice daily
  • Discussion sessions focusing on addiction, compassionate communication, non-nurturing behaviours, relapse prevention and working on health boundaries
  • Discussion sessions exploring Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Instruction in the timeless tools and techniques of Ayurveda –the world’s oldest healing science
  • Continuing Aftercare groups including individual sessions with a Certified Recovery Coach
  • Yoga Therapy and Massage sessions weekly
  • Acupuncture session weekly
  • Art expression and healing sound sessions
  • Evening sessions that include nutrition workshop, movement, music appreciation, campfire, gratitude circle, crafts, and therapeutic games.
  • Opportunities for mindfulness walks and guided hikes
  • Exercise opportunities in a fully equipped fitness room
  • 24-hour staff support
  • Weekly Alumni zoom groups and follow up calls from Guest Care Team

What do our guests say?

“During my stay I was provided with a myriad of tools to both encourage a positive lifestyle and to maintain this success after my discharge from the center. I found that all of the staff proved, on numerous occasions their dedication and commitment to your personal well being. I would recommend the Center not only to individuals seeking treatment for addictions but for anyone simply looking for more out of life.”

Rob – Canada

Interested in exploring more? Choose an option below.

4 - Week

For individuals who would like to invest more time into exploring deeper issues and address compulsive behavior.

Wellness Week

Our Wellness Week retreats are designed for those who do not have an active addiction but who do want to make lasting, healthy changes for balance, happiness, and peace of mind into their lives.