The idea of group therapy may feel a bit scary at first. Despite initial concern, we find people quickly experience the safety, respect, inspiration, and support that comes with group and it becomes a favorite and valued part of the residential experience.

The richness of mutual support, feedback, and modeling is unique to group work. Interpersonal skills and challenges may become more easily evident in the group, and progress can be experienced, and noted by other members.

The positive impact of group work to support change has been well-documented. For exampleBurlingame (2004) reviewed 700 studies on groups and reported that “the group format consistently produced positive effects”.

Change requires support. We all know people who are good for us to be around when we are down and we also most likely know people to avoid if we want to stay in a good mood. We impact one another. Parents know that if they become calm, they have a greater chance of calming their upset infant child. The field of interpersonal neurobiology, using brain-imaging technology, is reporting we are hardwired to connect with others and our neural pathways are impacted by relationships. Said differently- we need each other, and we change each other.

Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe the capacity for creating new neural connections and growing new neurons in response to experience. The brain never stops growing in response to experience. We offer experiential therapy and psychodrama at our Center to maximize the opportunity for new neural pathways to be developed. Psychodrama is a blend of therapy and theatre supporting tremendous opportunities to explore and experience new ways of being with self and others. Psychodrama is offered only with certified practitioners and maybe available at a guest’s request.

Thus being part of a facilitated group of people facing similar challenges and wanting to succeed can offer inspiration, support, creative ideas, fun, laughter… and change our neural pathways!

Group therapy is scheduled for 90 minutes every day. The groups are small and each one is facilitated by a trained psychotherapist. In addition, two 50-minute Individual sessions are scheduled with a therapist every week. These sessions present a great opportunity to reflect on your goals for treatment and ensure you are addressing the issues required to reach your goals