We believe a balanced vegetarian diet low in fat and sugar is an optimal nutritional plan for wellness.

Enjoying delicious healthy meals, honoring your appetite, and eating with awareness, gratitude, and respect create important connections for the body and soul. Planning and preparing nutritious meals can be fun and allows an opportunity to include family and friends to be part of the experience.

Guests coming to the Center are here to contend with many types of addiction, addictive behaviours, various levels of anxiety, depression, along with PTSD, eating disorders, and various substance abuse issues. Initially, people may arrive here with apprehension around the dietary shift that may be required in coming to a residential treatment centre that offers a vegetarian approach. Our guests quickly find that the extensively trained chefs provide balanced, nutritious meals in the most appetizing combinations, fully satisfying our senses with the six tasty flavors the body craves. All five of our sensory organs are awakened by the diverse selection of foods with sweet, sour, salty, bitter pungent and astringent qualities, creating a fully rounded mealtime experience that excites our senses from start to finish.

Part of the healing process undertaken here is to learn acceptance of the loving care and attention as offered by the nutritious and comforting foods from our kitchen. Through attendance at regular cooking demonstrations, sessions on holistic nutrition, and market tours, guests may choose to adopt this nurturing approach to self-care when they eventually depart. By actively bringing conscious awareness to each of the five senses during the process of selection, preparation, presentation, and consumption of the savory, satisfying meals here at the Centre, we open ourselves to this full sense of true nourishment and to a profound appreciation for that which sustains us.