David Simon House Building Dedication

Nirmala Raniga with Dr. David Simon

“When all your desires are distilled; You will cast just two votes: To love more, And be happy.”

Throughout his lifetime, the late Dr. David Simon made great contributions to the field of mind-body medicine through his work as a renowned physician, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. As a young medical student, Dr. Simon felt disconnected from traditional medicine, which viewed the human body as a machine and ignored the connection between mind and body.
Through his experiences with the ancient traditions of India, Tibet, and China, Dr. Simon saw the benefits of treating health as a state of wellbeing and vitality. “I saw the possibility that a physician could be more than a technical master of pathology. A doctor could guide his patients to health through his actions, words, and being,” he said. Later, working closely with Dr. Deepak Chopra, with whom he co-founded the Chopra Center for Wellbeing (the Chopra Center) in Carlsbad, California, Dr. Simon played a pivotal role in bringing the healing practices of meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda to the western world.
Dr. Simon also passionately supported a natural and holistic path toward sobriety and wellbeing and was instrumental in expanding the Chopra Center’s work to include that of the Paradise Valley Healing Center, located in Squamish, BC. Canada.
Dr. Simon’s words and reach extend far beyond the Chopra Center and Paradise Valley Healing Center. His extensive work has served as training for thousands of physicians, nurses, and healthcare providers around the globe. One of the first recipients of a National Institutes of Health grant to study mind-body medical approaches to improve healthcare, Dr. Simon helped introduce integrated mind-body medical programs to medical institutions, health centers, educational institutions, and health resorts worldwide.
The care provided by the staff at the Center, and its safe therapeutic environment thrive in large part, thanks to Dr. Simon’s contributions to this important field. To honor Dr Simon’s myriad contributions and longstanding commitment to those struggling with addiction and trauma, Paradise Valley Healing Center renamed its main building, “David Simon House.”
On Friday June 20th, the Paradise Valley Healing Center opened our hearts and our doors to welcome our alumni, and those in our local and global community to honor Dr. Simon as one of the great contributors and collaborators of our time.
Together, among his colleagues, we gathered for the dedication ceremony in heartfelt tribute to Dr. David Simon’s legacy of healing and grace.
The powerful recovery and wellness programs that we utilize at the Paradise Valley Healing Center are based on the principles developed by Dr. David Simon, M.D. and Dr. Deepak Chopra, in their popular book and curriculum workbook: ‘Freedom from Addiction’.
We remember the man who helped so many individuals find balance in their lives through the integration of body, mind, and spirit.
Combining the latest in therapeutic techniques and modern Western medicine with the traditional healing arts of the East, the Paradise Valley Healing Center provides a safe, residential environment in which it is possible to truly achieve balance and sustain a meaningful life, free from the effects of trauma and compulsive, destructive behaviors. Learn more about the programs we offer.