Your Guide for Staying Inside – Creating a Routine

During this time of physical-distancing, it is important to keep socially connected as well as yourself occupied. This is not the same as keeping yourself busy. Developing habits to maintain a structured day is a great way to create normalcy and prioritize your mental health.
It can be easy to just fall into the “vacation mindset” lounging in your pajamas, aimlessly scrolling and eating cookies for breakfast, but with just a little effort and putting intention into our actions, when the sun goes down we don’t look at the clock thinking “where did the time go?”
Having a routine is the perfect way to ensure you feel like you have accomplished something by the time you head to bed. Here are three great tips to get you started:

1. Keep your commute

Are you used to traveling for work? Replace that time with a morning walk, or at home exercise! You can take a stroll with your dog, or walk to a local park and really enjoy the sights, sounds and smell you experience along the way. This also helps you get dressed in the morning to make you feel ready for the day ahead.

2. Plan your meals

Used to have a structure? Set some alarms for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way you are structuring your day around these set times. Not a great cook? Plan what you are going to make that day by looking up creative recipes to make with what you have in the cupboard!

3. Plan a (virtual) meet up

Feeling stir-crazy? Or looking for ways to fill your time? Plan a meet up with friends, family or colleagues by going virtual. Some great ideas are a google hangouts lunch, having a Thursday night book club through FaceTime, movies with netflix party, participating in an online workout class, or setting up a trivia game night with friends. Still working, but feeling disconnected from coworkers? Dedicate 15 minutes out of your day to video call your colleagues, this brings connection back into the work space!
The universe has given us this time to take stock of what we have, to practice gratefulness and to be mindful of others. Using self-care practices we can continue to connect and come together as a community that is centered around positivity and support.