Nurturing The Seeds Of New Growth

by Nirmala Raniga

Nurturing ourselves comes in many forms – from delighting the senses and nourishing the
body with the zesty preparations of a meal, to the deep relaxation or release brought
about through therapeutic body work.
A hot soak in an epsom salt bath to ease tensions held in the body or an exciting
exploration of the natural world each day can truly feed the soul and deepen
our relationship with ourselves and with the world around us.
Unseen and at times, unnoticed by others, an internal world swirls within us as life force
moves in the form of thoughts through the mind and emotions through the body. This
energy cycles through the body with the intention of being expressed in the world. If we
have found and practiced healthy ways to process or express this personal energy, it
continues to move freely through us. If not, we may be dealing with a bit of a back log.
According to Dr. Kristin Neff, one way to begin to relieve the pressure of difficult
emotions or a back log of such, is to be present to ourselves in challenging moments,
enriching the soil of our lives with a simple yet powerful on-the-spot self compassion
techniques. A comforting hand to our own heart, along with simply acknowledging that
we are experiencing a difficult emotion can provide the more sensitive parts of
ourselves with the nurturing we may have done without on many occasions.
Checking in with ourselves in this way also serves to tune us in to subtle internal signals
that inform us of what might be most needed in that moment. This simple act of self
compassion can provide a deep, heart healing experience, rather than potentially
reinforcing habitual reactions.
The state of our hearts, bodies and minds is the soil from which the quality of our lives
sprouts up and takes form. As we nurture ourselves moment to moment, profound internal
shifts naturally occur, clearing through blocks and making way for the beauty of our true
nature to flow forth.
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