Overcoming Anxiety Using Your Hidden Strengths

We all have a purpose in life, a unique gift, or special talent to give to others. Dr. Deepak Chopra expands on this truism in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Law of Dharma. Dr. Chopra explains that those unique gifts and talents are waiting for the right moment to shine. That time is now.
One way to look at the current pandemic, where we worry about our finances, safety, and health concerns is to view it as the Universe presenting us with an opportunity to make positive changes to our lifestyle. 
Although change can be uncomfortable, it is the perfect time to dig deep within yourself. We all have the ability to not only survive but thrive and overcome any of life’s hurdles, including in the times of a pandemic. 
Use these tips to get you started on your journey to find your unique gifts to overcome adversity in tough times.

Practice Self-Care

Practicing self-care may be one of the last things on your mind, however, it is one of the most important. Making your self-care habits a priority is the first step to achieving clarity on what our special skills are.
Self-care means knowing what to do to maintain good mental and physical health. Eating healthy, exercising, and keeping good sleep hygiene are examples of things you can do to maintain good physical health. Checking in with a counselor or health care professional, meditating, socializing with positive influences are also ways you can stay mentally healthy.
Being mindful is another key to successful self-care. What is mindful? Mindfulness is the practice of fully immersing yourself in the present moment, without thoughts about the future or the past. Some examples are being fully present in your yoga practice or exercise, feeling the waves over your feet as you are walking on the beach, hearing the sounds of the birds in the morning, and smelling the flowers as you stroll through a  garden, or feeling the wind on your face as you take your evening stroll. Mindfulness allows you to listen to your body and mind. It is a time in which you can begin thinking about your skills. 
Meditation is also a very powerful tool. By quieting the constant chatter and inner dialogue of our minds, we are able to experience deeper levels of stillness and silence and reconnect with our essential nature, restoring the memory of wholeness in our lives. Mediation can help you concentrate on your positive traits, the ones that will emerge as your strength.

The Secret to Good Decision Making

During a crisis, it’s easy to make decisions based on fear and the unknown. Rash decisions may end up being wrong decisions and have long-lasting effects. It’s important to remain calm while making decisions, and taking your time to think rationally.
For example, if you are in debt and your financial situation is causing you stress, it might prove helpful to turn your thoughts to what you can do and prioritize. This might include putting food shelter first and if possible, start saving a little now.  Knowing that you made the decision to save will not only start to calm you down but start you on a good long-term habit. 
Another way to start making good decisions is to reach out to someone outside of your inner circle, like a licensed counselor, coach, or advisor.  These are experienced people who will support your needs and come from a place of positivity.

Relying on Healthy Relationships

Physical distancing does not mean social isolation. This is important because being able to maintain positive relationships is a major strength.
When dealing with a crisis, it is ideal to reach out to a spouse, a friend, family, counselor, or someone who will offer positive support. Being able to provide support to someone else is also a strength that makes you feel valued and rewarded.
In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Dr. Chopra encourages us to practice the universal Law of Giving and Receiving by giving gifts to others, expressing appreciation for all that we have, and acknowledging the dynamic exchange of everything in the universe
Seeking out ways that can make you feel happy during hard times may seem impossible, but you can work within your strengths that you have uncovered while being mindful. Happiness will lead to hope, which is something everyone benefits from.
A crisis is defined as a period of intense difficulty or trouble. However, in this time of transition focus on finding the strengths that will carry you through difficult times and into successful living.
You have unique strengths that you have yet to uncover. We are all stronger than we know and by telling ourselves that and listening to our bodies you will persevere with success.