How to Practice Gratitude in Every Moment (And Why This Can Change Your Life)

“Gratitude opens the door to…the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude.” ~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

For centuries, great sages have reminded us that the key to experiencing life in all its richness is to feel grateful for all that we have. This allows us to have a deeper connection with the love, joy, and abundance that is constantly flowing through and around us, and you begin to attract more abundance, love, and joy into your life.
When we’re grateful, the ego has no choice but to step out of the way. This allows us to be present, at ease, and to have acceptance and appreciation for things exactly the way they are. It’s easier to give up the need to control how situations and circumstances unfold, which can block us from feeling grateful. When the ego steps aside, we can also let go of the worries we have for the future or thoughts about the present and simply enjoy life as it is.
How to Feel Gratitude in Every Moment 

It’s one thing to say what you’re grateful for, but focusing on the feeling of gratitude is when the magic happens, and you begin to experience more peace, emotional freedom, joy, love, and happiness. One way to feel more gratitude each day is to spend time in nature and witness the remarkable intelligence of the Universe. We tend to notice nature more when the seasons change, but the brilliance, beauty, and connection of all things is always right in front of us.
Consider this..
In Nature, we can easily feel the connection of all things and the effortless way beauty unfolds – the iridescent clouds that waft through the sky, flowers that blossom in your backyard, birds in flight, and leaves that transform seemingly right before our eyes.
Everything in Nature occurs freely, with no need for control. The same can be said for the wisdom that guides our lives. We don’t need to feel anxiety about our lives’ circumstances or grasp for things we think we should have or experience. Life, in its infinite wisdom, will provide us with everything we need, just as we observe it in Nature.
From the wonder of life itself, to the presence of our loved ones around a dinner table, considering the many gifts the Universe presents us at every turn enables us to feel fully alive and in harmony with everyone and everything.
We can also cultivate gratitude by following this simple practice, asking ourselves three questions:

  • Who inspired me today?
  • Today, what brought me happiness?
  • And, today, what brought me a sense of peace and comfort?

As your mental gratitude list fills up with the people, experiences, and things you appreciate, you’ll come to understand that your life is full of abundance. With this fresh perspective and energetic shift, you’ll feel more peace in every day, and continue to invite more things into your life to be grateful for.