Simplify Your Space for Spring

Spring is a time when birds begin building nests, blossoms appear, and we often feel called to renew ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. As the weather warms, we feel inspired to start new projects and make healthy changes in our lives. To support these burgeoning seedlings of personal growth, we can use this time to create a clean and peaceful personal environment.

Decluttering our surroundings with present moment awareness can be a powerful way to promote balance as we physically and symbolically let go of the things we no longer need.

Here are some helpful steps to create a peaceful and nurturing environment through mindful spring cleaning:

Simplify Step-by-Step Make a list of places or areas in your home you would like to focus on and start small. Begin with the simplest job, such as a drawer or shelf, and then move on to more involved spaces such as closets or work areas.

Keep What You Need Change your mindset from decluttering to one of selecting what to keep or get rid of based on an item’s usefulness. Then, save things you would like to keep rather than focusing on what to let go.

Enlist Help Call on friends or even a professional to help you organize. Get your household members involved.

Set Times to Tidy To maintain a decluttered home, set aside daily or weekly times to mindfully manage your space. Even 10 minutes at the end of each day will pay off over time.

Lighten Your Load If you haven’t used an item or worn a piece of clothing in more than a year, chances are you never will. Let these things go to make room for new things you will value and enjoy.

Give with Gratitude Gifting items or donating to charity is a great way to be thankful for what you have and feel good about benefiting others.

Engage Your Senses Incorporate sounds, scents, and colors into your environment to enhance your space in a way that makes you feel peaceful, harmonious, and balanced.

Space is pure potentiality and unbounded consciousness. Therefore, when we create greater space by decluttering our environments, we invite energy to flow more freely, providing room for creativity to flourish in our lives.

How our Team at The Paradise Valley Healing Center Can Help
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