Testimonials 2022

This Center saved and changed my life. It provided extremely caring and nurturing therapists and staff that allowed me to find myself again. I am forever grateful for my 6 weeks of transformation.

Anonymous – February 2022

This has been the best gift I have given myself. Thank you for providing space for me to heal and open up. 

 Lee, Canada – February 2022

This place has changed my life! The staff and the programs are so helpful in helping me work through some of the deepest and darkest trauma. This is such a safe and nurturing place to be vulnerable and speak your truth. I can’t wait to go home and teach my kids some of the things that I have learned so they too can lead a healthy happy life.

Shawna, Canada – February 2022

The best thing I ever did for my mental and physical health. My only regret is not coming sooner.

Chris, Canada – January 2022

I came to the center for elimination of my alcohol cravings and to fix patterns where I was getting into bad relationships. From my experiences there after 4 weeks, I believe going forward in my life I will continue to remain sober. I have gained insights into myself that has awakened me to the fact I deserve to be happy. The center has given me the tools to happiness. This will allow me to be much better able to find and stay in healthy relationships and be a much better partner.- 

Chris, California, USA -January 2022