2021 Testimonials

I came to Chopra as a broken soul, who believed I wasn’t worthy of loving or being loved. I truly felt I would never be whole or healed. Chopra changed that, beyond what I had allowed to dare myself to hope for. The staff, every single one, have cared for and supported me and believed in me when I didn’t care for or believe in myself. The other guests welcomed me, accepting me without any judgement and with love. After seven intense weeks, I now leave Chopra believing in myself, believing in my worth and believing I deserve to love and be loved. This center has quite literally change my life; Chopra is a magical place

Kristen, Canada – November 2021

I came to the Center, unsure and scared of my journey. They were able to allow me the safety and support I needed through various ways of therapy to pull thethings I was buying to the surface so they could be dealt with. I was given the tools to ‘help’ myself once I re-entered the real world. I felt like the hokey pokey things were crazy but those things worked the best for me once I gave into the process. Thank you!

 Jamie E., Canada – November 2021

I can’t believe the transformation that I went through in just four weeks. I went from a closed up person, barely able to talk to anyone or open up, to someone who has strength and feels like I can now take on the world. Chopra Center is a very special place.

Hailey G. Canada – October 2021

I came to the Chopra Center because I was making unhealthy choices that were affecting my health. I did extensive research to find the program that would meet my needs. I chose Chopra and I couldn’t have chosen a better program. All the staff were very supportive and flexile in how to best support me. Other programs I felt were too rigid and inflexible. Chopra was the right choice.

Barbara Dodimead, Canada – September 2021

The Chopra Center gave me the space, tools and security to begin the journey of coming home to myself. Truly life changing.

Natalie Horhota, Canada – August 2021

This was a very unique experience for me. Way outside the box from what I am used to. That being said, I feel amazing! I feel stronger in areas of myself that I have never worked on, especially self-love, inner peace and just how connected we are to nature, food and especially meditation. Really positive experience for me. I feel stronger emotionally and spiritually.

Anonymous – August 2021

When I arrived at Chopra, I had completely lost myself. Through 4 weeks here, I was able to find light, happiness and a sense of self-compassion that I had never felt before. The program has supplied me with the tools I’ll need to continue on this journey of healing and self love.

Anonymous – July 2021

Well to start I think 6 weeks or 5 weeks you get a lot. And also you learn a lot of yourself and you can see every week a good change on yourself, that’s what I saw in me.

Anonymous – July 2021

The whole experience has been truly life changing. I would recommend this place to everyone. I feel more at peace and like myself.

Anonymous – June 2021

The experience at the Chopra Center was incredibly transformative. My outlook on life is so much more profound than when I first arrived. The practitioners and staff are so insightful. I highly recommend Chopra

Anonymous – June 2021

In my search to seek treatment for alcohol dependency and PTSD/depression and anxiety, I was unaware of the centers proximity to my location 3,000 miles away, but the values and treatment styles really drew my focus and interest. During my who weeks at Chopra, I felt so welcome, understood and cared for. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals and really putting forth my best efforts to heal brought me back to feeling grounded and confident in my own skin. I crossed paths with so many lovely people on similar journeys and truly connected with everyone I met. I am so grateful I was able to partake in such a transformative life experience in such a magical place. Thank you.

Anonymous – June 2021

Chopra is really a life changing experience. From the moment you arrive you feel a sense of calm. Throughout your journey you can expect to awaken to yourself and refined home.

Anonymous – May 2021

Before coming to Chopra I was extremely nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Upon arrival the staff made you feel right at home and somewhere where you can feel safe. I believe this has been a life changing experience for me and will forever be grateful of my time here.

Anonymous – May 2021

I knew I was at a time in my life when I needed to deal with grief and other issues. My life was unbalanced and as a result my mental and physical health was suffering. After much research I believed that the Chopra Center was the place to go to get better. My choice was made easier by the fact that my doctor and social worker were familiar with the Chopra Center and they said it was a first class organization.

Anonymous – May 2021

It’s hard to take people seriously when they tell you to take steps to manage stress. Stress starts from the minute you wake up and look at your phone or hear your child in need. When stress threatened my life due to the deleterious effect on my organs, I came here. Being treated like a rock-star with 5 star food, care, service, therapy and loving people, with wisdom and knowledge of almost every type of healing modality helped me get out of the adrenaline fog and see anew my priorities.

Angela Hilton, Canada – May 2021

Chopra is such an amazing place. The staff and guests are always so kind and welcoming. The first day I showed up, I didn’t really talk to anyone, it probably wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th day that I started opening up. The patience and support that is provided, as well as guidance is so amazing. You really do the work at your own pace and everyone is totally ok with that and to me that is so comforting. I can’t thank everyone at Chopra enough. It really has been an amazing experience.

Marsha T, Canada – April 2021

My experience here at Chopra has been, at risk of hyperbole, life changing. I have been to treatment center’s before but this is a much different path. Uncovering and approaching trauma that is buried in self-destructive behaviours in turn treats the whole person. Mind, Body and soul are nourished and supported and tools are provided for continued growth afterwards. 24/7 access to support staff, excellent nutritious food, very capable therapists and health professionals.

Kelly, Canada – April 2021

This facility is very unique. The staff are genuine, highly trained/educated with excellent skills to get to the root of your trauma. From there. the deep work begins. Addictions are worked on and integrated, giving the client the answer to your questions, “Why am I like this?” and “Why can’t I stop?”

It is so loving and gentle here. A place to feel safe enough to shed the masks of intoxication and learn to love your authentic self. The Chopra Center heals souls.

Anonymous – March 2021

I was at the end of my road, I couldn’t go on. I was in so much pain but thought I could do it by myself but at one point you realize you can’t . I gave in and this center seemed to be the only one that cared about ME, not just the addictions and behaviours. It’s been an incredible experience and it’s not a magic pill but it is so special. They give you tools to go on and, whilst there, I really opened and I feel, grew.

Robert, Canada – March 2021

I came to the Chopra Center because I had completely depleted myself over many years, but worsening over the most recent 6-12 months. I was not eating, drinking every day, perpetually smoking pot, I no longer had any activities that I participated in unless I was high. I struggled to leave my house. Having to work from home 2/5 days a week due to COVID made my isolation worse and may numbing behaviours continued to spiral. Eventually I was unable to get through a day of work because of overwhelming panic… then the Chopra Center… Eating 3 meals a day, off coffee, immunity tea, stopped smoking ciggies had obvious effect on my mood, my awareness of my body, my skin, my digestive system, no more dizzy spells, no more indigestion.

Group, peer interaction; no words could describe the power of this aspect of the centre. Experiencing and witnessing emotional vulnerability was incredibly healing. Open, intimate relationships with other guest were all cloaked in awareness of personal safety and healthy boundaries. I learned skills I will take with me and had many lived experiences of setting healthy boundaries and listening to my own voice.

Therapy; working with Colleen 2x/ week has been beneficial. I’m glad to continue with her in after care. I have always stopped therapy after 3-4 visits because I don’t know where to go after that. It became more difficult to go to see Colleen after the 2nd week, but I am so glad that I pushed through that. For the first time in my life I feel that I am worthy and deserving of getting long-term therapy to work on my personal traumas with mental health.

Support Staff: hiking, yoga, art, expressive movement, cold dips in the stream, Frisbee mediation, discussion groups, acupuncture, gratitude, puzzles, immunity tea :), dogs, snacks… all of this and more!! Nourished my spirit, felt true joy for the first time in a long time.

Jacqueline Kirkland, Canada – March 2021

This place is magical! The team at the center are supportive, knowledgeable and experts at what they do. I found myself again, actually a better version of myself. Thank you for the support and there needs to be more centers like the Chopra Addiction & Wellness.

Carolyn – March 2021

I came to this facility frightened, fragile and quite hopeless. I leave this week feeling strong, healthy and prepared to continue on my new path of wellness because of the new tools the Center has given to me. These tools will keep me focused on staying well.

Carolyn – February 2021

I came to Paradise Valley Healing Center after many failed attempts to individually heal wounds from an abusive relationship. The holistic approach the center implements surpassed my expectations in dealing with my PTSD and Addiction issues. I felt supported, nourished, educated and empowered after my 3 week stay at the Center. I often refer to Chopra as a place of “pure magic” because the transformation in myself during my time spent there was seemingly magical. I truly encourage anyone interested in a transformative and holistic healing journey to reach out to the Chopra Center.

Dione G, Canada – February 2021

Chopra Center is a safe place with loving, compassionate, non-judgemental staff & professionals. I acquired many tools to take home with me, so I could be successful with my intentions and desires.

Yvonne – January 2021

I do not know of anyone, from any walk of life that would not benefit from a stay here, regardless of past experiences. A safe environment for anyone. The support is amazing. A wonderful program.

Dustin S, Canada – January 2021

Coming to the Chopra Center was the best decision I ever made. I felt safe, supported, and empowered. I acquired the tools I needed to live a better, fuller, more authentic life.

Jenna – January 2021

I came to Chopra Wellness Center helplessly addicted to drugs and alcohol and cigarettes. Their balanced healing approach resonated with me. The diet was key. Once all the stimulants were taken away and my body settled down I was able to centre my energy through yoga & meditation sessions offered. This grounded me providing the ability to dive deep into my traumas. During the group psychodramas and 1:1 counseling sessions. This work coupled with the incredible healing massages allowed my mind, body and spirit the chance to all heal together. The entire staff are passionate providing a safe space to do the work to heal. Thank you Chopra Wellness Center, you saved my life.

Ryan Denault, Canada – January 2021