The Soul Questions

by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Meditation: The Key to Discovering Who You Are and Why You’re Here
As you grow in self-awareness, you remove the blocks to your full potential and naturally live in tune with your true purpose. Meditation and reflection are essential tools on this journey of self-discovery. If you don’t already have a regular meditation practice, we encourage you to begin one.
Before you begin each meditation session, ask yourself the four soul questions: Who am I? What do I want? What am I grateful for? What is my dharma or purpose in life? It doesn’t matter whether answers come to you immediately. Simply ask the questions and let them go as you enter the inner quiet of meditation.

Who am I?

What do I want?

What am I grateful for?

What is my dharma or purpose in life?

As you continue to ask the questions and spend time each day in the expanded awareness of meditation, the answers will come, perhaps when you’re meditating or perhaps when you’re out in the world going about your everyday activities. Pay attention and notice when time seems to stand still, when you feel completely absorbed in what you’re doing as you use your talents to serve yourself and others. Following these steps will expand your ability to follow the trail of your destiny as it unfolds before you moment by moment.
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