Stress Relief Tips

For those of us who are practicing new and healthier lifestyle choices, these can be stressful times too. During all the traditional activities, it can be difficult to avoid the old tried and true self-destructive behaviours. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your stress and maintain your balanced lifestyle now and during other peak periods in your life:
1. Support routine quiet time – Regular practice of meditation and mindfulness allows you to access the inner silence and calm that lies beneath the mind’s noisy internal dialogue.
2. Listen to and connect with your body. – One of the best ways to relieve stress is to tune into your body, rather than concentrating on the vast array of messages your mind is
sending you.
3. Regular exercise – yoga is an excellent physical exercise that increases your flexibility and strength, but it also balances the mind and body, calming the nervous system,
increasing the production of stress-relieving hormones, and releasing stored toxins.
4. Get a good night’s rest – during deep sleep, your body heals and gets in touch with your soul.
5. Hydrate and practice healthy eating – Drink plenty of fluids. Choose the delicious foods that represent all six of the tasty flavours that our body craves (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent). Maintain balance by being selective of your choices and
6. Practice conscious communication. – When we aren’t able to clearly communicate our needs, we experience a lot of stress and frustration. Through conscious communication
express your needs, ask for what you want, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.
7. Reach out for support – Look to those who can help you get yourself back into balance. Connecting with others dedicated to healthy habits serves to support our sense of well-being and can strengthen our resolve. A sense of safety, warmth and comfort can be found at a
meeting or in the voice of a sponsor or other key supports.
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